A better day for everyone or just those who can manage a computer?

My grandmother is 86 years old and she refuse to use an computer. She resist using a cell phone and believe that the signals of the landphone is in the power cable.
During the last ten years, the banks went from personal service to a fully digital service. And now my grandmother have to pay a fee for getting her bills paid manually.

The last years the bankings service closed over 200 service points and there’s writing about a fully digital strategy.

My grandmother has a state pension, when she need help with that somehow she can’t login to the service and write a message.

I will imagine she have to spend her small pension on a cab and drive to the local state office.

Can’t and will not blame my grandmother to not willing to visit the www.

I want to shed a light the next few months on the digital age and how it can discriminate groups of people that don’t have access to the latest tech and how the ecenomy took a progressive peak – where a class of tech smart or leaders became greedy and those who were left – consumers who pays for it.

I feel somethings not right anymore. I need to adress it.


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