MOCAK – modern art in Krakow

Next to the Schindler’s factory is Krakov’s modern art museum a bit out of the center in a suburban area.

I went to visit as I love going to art museums whenever I visit a new city.

The experience was quite different that I expected and represented another ‘reality’ than home.

There were a handful of polish, a Hungarian, Georgian and Russian artists represented. There were a many paintings, a couple of installations and mixed media.

Some of the things that I thought of was that the paintings was of excellent technical quality. There were one of the first paintings I saw were the artist experimented with rectangular space, objects in rooms and coloring. I thought of this artist that he was for the first an excellent realist, even though his paintings were mostly abstract and playing mindtricks with the objects placed in the skewed rooms wich often was classrooms.

The way this artist had all the basis for perspective, it was enjoyable to see how he manipulated the image terribly good.

The Hungarian artists were mostly political and summed up the latest history of political violence. The palette was dark, green, brown and an awful looking pig/skin coloring. It could just as be a 8 years old person choosing this colors except from the message they sent out and the fright and anxiety of the images.


Maybe for personal reasons was this the most interesting to watch/experience.

I have to mention this artist who made an installation of stativet with hands with painted fingernails attached on and geometrical weird drawings connected to the hands with threads. This artist was letting me in to his universe of his own logically thinking,  wich was not reasonable. I do respect this artist a lot for exhibition his mind in that kind of way and I think the work was highly interesting.

Others to mention was a series of photographies of corpses dressing up in nice clothes. This images was a man high and very frightening.

And talking about frightening.The general theme of the MUCAK was anxiety, fright, similar to post-war artists mentally traumas and very different from the happy-jappy life constructive celebrated art I have seen elsewhere.

A visit to MOCAK is highly recommend. It revoke my curiosity and concern for East European history.

I’m so glad I went.


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