When is it not okay to seduce customers anymore?

Most of us are allready known with a that many sites on the net is tracked with cookies, and some of the sites follow us up with email with commercial purposes.
Back to the basics are they different frequency and time when users go online to surf.
There are different occations and there are different puposes.
Remarketing is one of this technologies that reminds the user wich product he/she looked at. Zalando.com are hugh at remarketing.
We learned about how consumerbehavior patterns and I met the wall earlier with the ethics.

Were will the thin line go where these technologies in a comming future get so accurate that the time when a ad is wiewed, will it have a 100% clickthrough rate with a goal conversion.
A clickthorugh is when a users sees an ad, click on it and lands on the site where the product/content is suppose to be.
A goal conversion is when the users i buying ( t.ex creditcard confirmation site)

A more detailed question is: Where is the line where user manipulation in that state where the individual user’s psychology ( consumer behavior) is predicted and “controlled” by the company who sells stuff or the political party that want to influence?

I think of it like this:

If the consumer’s behaviour is measured to a fixed pattern over a lifetime.
And if the ads hits on the right moment in this users web experience were they are 100% likely to buy.
If a company or AI can have the control of this.
Then it must be dicussed.

Are we there yet?


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