Wordcamp Europe 2015

I’ve attended Wordcamp Europe in Seville, Spain this weekend and it was a wonderful and breathtaking experience.

There will be probaly many blogposts like this writing about a a tech confrence were there are an unik and friendly community, superb organized complete camp with delicious food and interesting speakers with different themes and solutions.

I’m currently sitting a bit outside Malaga and writing this in the dark of the spanish dusk at a hotel balcony by the beach with a pedestrian zone four floors under me.

From the balcony
From the balcony of Rincon De La Victorial hotel, Malaga, Spain


I wanted to pull back a little after the camp to sleep, relax and reflect.

On a beach
Man fishing and a couple sitting on the beach in Malaga



The Camp

There were about 800 attendees this year and the Organizers choose a hotel with a convention center a few minutes (with a cab) from the center.


I write it right away: It was a highly well organised convention center with the right amount of coffee, juice, croissants for breakfast and a variety of sandwiches, tapas and small dishes, lemonade and beer (!) for lunch.

I am going to write a bit about some of the speaks from this camp wich I was attending to so I will not cover all the speaks in this blogpost.

The one I choose write about are:

Rian Rietveld – The accessibility speak.

The PHP 7 story -Zeev Suraski

Tom Willmot – Distributed, Open source and Hapiness

Mark Jaquith –  WordPress Etichs

Amelia Andersdotter & Anders Jensen Urstad – Privacy and data protection



The Accessibility speak with Rian Rietveld.

Rian Rietvield is a female developer from the Netherlands who is on the WordPress Accessibility team and who is specialized on Accesibility issues.

Rian Rietveld
The female developer Rian Rietveld speaking about Accesabillity in WCEU15

Accessibility is one of the topics I am engaged about because  is  20% of the population have one or other disability.

A disability can ex. be colorblindness, hearing impared, blindness or you can just slightly have a bad seeing vision.

This matter to a lot of us and by not make websites accesible you therefore exclude 20% of the population on web.

You will also probaly grow older and likely get a some kind of disability so it matters in the long term to anybody.

This gentle yet strong woman has a blog where she adresses some of the highlights in her speak, wich was:

WordPress 4.1 and Accessibility

HTML5 Headings in WordPress: A11y versus SEO?

Storytelling in HTML: practical accessibility

A placeholder is no label; search forms in WordPress can do better

I had a little chat with her on the contributor day were she also adresses the problems of female programmers  bad selfesteem of their skills.

This is problems are also adressed at her blog.


The PHP 7 story with Zeev Suraski

Zeev Suraski is the principal authors of the PHP langauage way back to 1997.Zeev co-founded Zend Technologies in 1999, serves as its CTO and leads the company’s R&D teams.

PHP 7 will be released around autumn/winter and this is is seen as a milestone.

As I’m not a developer I see PHP code in my daily work and thinks it awesome how amazing and functional this langauage is.

Among many thousand apsps is Facebook developed in PHP.

The development of PHP had/has a major impact on WordPress as it getting faster, more reliable and stable.

From WordPress 3.6 to 4.1 WordPress loads almost double as fast.


Other CMS like Joomla, Drupal and Magento are also buildt in PHP.

PHP is an serversided HTML embedded scripting langauage wich means for me that it additionally to HTML makes functions and make it possible for the “website” to pull data from the database.

More details on this speak can be watched on slideshare or get updated on Zeev’s blog.


Tom Willmot A highly motivational speak about distributed companies, Open source and Hapiness.


Tom Willmot is the co-founder and CEO of Humanmade.

They developed among many AirBNB, Skype and Happytables wich is a WordPress plugin for restaurants.

Tom Willmot engage in freedom, individuality, trust and science.

Tom Willmot
Tom Willmot speaking about distributed work, Open source and hapiness

He showed to research that shows how people solve creative tasks better without timetaking and monetoring.

It  does not matter how the employees are solving their tasks as long as they do it in accordingly for the best quality.

The company Humanmade is buildt upon people that is working from all around the world with different timezones. He reffered to a company model were there is no static workhours and were the individual are free to work whereever they want even there is from home, at the beach, in a coworking space or whatever.

He told about how they created companies in some of the different lands so that they could follow jurisdiction of employment.

Tom Willmot worked at “normal” job in other companies before he and his brother landed some solid projects they could evolve this 100% distributed company were everybody is working remotely.They meetup once and a while I’m writing this they are all gathered over the sea were am sitting, in Morocco at a company vacation.

Humanmade live by the communication channel Slack and Zoom for video calling.



Mark Jaquith – WordPress Etihcs

Mark Jaquith  is one of the lead developers of the WordPress core and offers freelance WordPress consulting services through Covered Web Services with a focus on scaling, security, and custom functionality.

The speak was about WordPress work etihcs and how the community should treat eachother and their end-users.

Mark Jaquith is speaking about WordPress Etihcs
Mark Jaquith is speaking about WordPress Etihcs

This talk made me really reflect on some things, mainly how the WordPress community and WordPress designers, developers, everybody who does WordPress related work are handling our day to day blog, business, work or sales.

WordPress camps have guidelines for expected behavior.

This I think should apply to anybody, bad behavior influence the whole community and it’s end-users making people distrusting, sceptical, greedy or scared.

Mark Jaquith made some nuances of terms in this deep and wonderful speak.

I reflecting:

As my responsibility for being a business owner and designer my actions will influence the web even ther just a tiny microprocentage.

Me and my teams design regarding of content, text, images and code can be seen from the whole web. Taking a glance at Analytics there’s not just my own country even the site is in norwegian.

Everything I comment or line I write at a social media channel make impact somehow and by forgettting feelings of ownership  I think we’ll made the web -and the world a better place.

Honesty, openness and good intentions also help ourselves being able to communicate better and is a generator of trust.

The speak from Mark made me want to be a better designer and a better person.

Amelia Andersdotter and Anders Jensen-Urstad – How to build privacy friendly sites

Amelia Andersdotter has been a Member of the European Parliament. She currently engages in privacy and data protection advocacy in Sweden.

Andersen Jensen Urstadwas an professional pirate in the European Parliament he’s now involved in Dataskydd.net, a Swedish organization working on data protection issues, and works for a library doing things with open access and free software. He’s interested in intellectual property law.

The last years protection of privacy on web have become popular issue and with the snowden case wich was uppsetting a made a lot of wawes there were a lot of remarkable information this couple speaked of.

Like 90% of all swedish govermental sites are tracked with no clear intention or answer about why.

That tracking data may be held in that country the servers are located and therefore are under that country’s jurisdiction.

98% of the web is tracked by cookies.

That 70% of gathering of sensitive data has happen under the reason of justified interests.

It’s been storm about this as well in Norway lately when they found out about fake base stations around businesses and govermental locations.While the goverment announced that this was about security and only survelliance of suspects of terror. The businesses went silence.

This speak was definitively a cross of mind for me as human with the right to know, my own integrety and privacy.

Also this adresses my business wich tracks our clients sites wih Google Analytics for measuring design and user experience.

I learned about Piwik wich is a tracking tool where the site administrator/user/customer is entitled to own their data.

After this speak I will throughly think/write about how far Nettmeis wants to protect our clients and their clients.



Volunteers, Contributor Day and Disclosure.


I feel so lucky. The amazing experience of Seville and high level quality speaks on Wordcamp this year along with an loving, incredible community made this trip the main fireworks of the year for me.

I spoke with my role models Matt Mullenweg, Sara Rosso, Organizers from Scandinavia and other countries.

I spoke with my  heroes of miscellaneous types of themes and Plugin I’ve use.

I has to admit that is was Awesome to sit in a bubblebath with the required + folks, conversate with 10up and talk with the guy I submit tickets to at codeable on the main afterparty.

I still get pretty starstuck and this event was a clear night sky.

A travel to another country for 3 days the speaks and meeting WordPress community from all over Europe made me grow more intellectuallly than I have done the last year.

A big shoutout to the volunteers of WCEU 2015.


WCEU 15 Volunteers
All the volunteers in a group on the stage under the WCEU 2015


Thank you.









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