Launching a website for my own company

After two weeks of intens work my team finally launched my companysite.

I will write about feelings regarding designing and developing a site that will be the most important window for me.

How did i start?

I think it must have started with design of the business idea and logo.
I wanted to offer some of the same products as earlier with a vision of being able to be experts on design, WordPress and measure design with Google Analytics.

The purpose of my company then became this:
“The purpose of Nettmeis is to help customers with a beautifully designed website with a compelling message and a documented of increased traffic from the right users.
We want the customers to reach your companies key goals at web ex. new members, contacts, sale or other positive related values that enrich and strongens your business.”

Help others help others with beautiful/functional design and excellent communication.
I want to create an enviroment like at a WordPress level where people is independent of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income, status etc.
being able to communicate with eachother on an easy and happy way with less boundaries.

So i guess the keywords for my company`s spirit became something like:


Where the mission is:
-Design beautifully
-Design right for Usability
-Design for function
-Design for getting a genuine message
-Write excellent texts
-Use up to date themes and plugins
-Write valid code
-Respect others code
-Test properly
-Explore, always keep up learning indeep

From here I twisted my head for a name that could be easy to remember and easy to understand.
I was connencting norwegians love of nature with the web, thinking of all kind of animals.
I thought of this for a long time, but there was suddenly in the middle of the night the idea appeared to me.

“Nettmeis” wich is in english “web-the-big-tit” were the big tit is this little bird wich is quite common in cities and in the forest almost all over the world.
I quickran out of my bed and ordered the name at my collaborating hosting vendor.

Then I sat in the middle of the night and started to design a logo wich became:



To be continued….


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