Finally getting back on track

I’ve started a company last year in April: Sonyeo Visuell Kommunikasjon Johanson.
It went very well, I had a succesfull project with prints and sites and a mobile site.
The site was build with Foundation 5 and I used a clean template and a child theme to owerwrite it.
I got some help from a nice developer in India as well to connect the mobile site on development.

It was a straight forward job and the client was happy.

This client is still with me and I worked hard on the customer service side to keep up the good work.

In June an artist contacted me via FB and she wanted a art webshop.
I worked on this through my whole summer holiday and in August I got ill.

At this point aI have’nt got any insurance and I was sick for 2 months.
This was an disaster.
Also at this time my fiance would’nt coop and left me in November, just when I got home from the hospital.

I’ve struggled with loneliness, really bad finances, bills and friends who left me because I was not… I don’t know
maybe not interesting enough anymore.

I found myself unemployd, poor and really upset.

I think this must have been one of my hardest struggles I’ve ever gone through in my proffesional and private life.
And I guess I’m still quite moderate and careful with people and passwords.

Then came the point of return.

A guy saw me, he gave me a job in a local WordPress company.
I was almost perfect: Short travelling, a desk, an new keyboard, food – lunch.
And the most important was selfesteem and value.
I was producing banners, went to Google courses, websites, twitter and the best thing I got help to fulfill the talented artis’s dreams about a webshop.

A startup based in Oslo that deliver Adwords,Wordpress developement and social media.

In March we launched the webshop. Just a month before my CEO found out she got a hugh amount on fans on FB.
Right after there was an Open Art exhibition.

It was incredible. Under the open exhibition she got a lot of visitiors that was travelling from other cities.
We’ve been keeping up the contact and developemnt of this site: and it going well.

One of the days she got request from the North to send a large painting and her gallerists is quite happy, I think.

The site consist of a gallery, News, About and a Woo commerce webshop.

Through tough times there’s people who knows you and sees you I think.
There’s people who loves you and want to help you.
There’s also people who pull back and then you really get’s to know who’s there for you.

People from the WordPress community reached out to me. I’ve never could have done it without you.


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